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For the next 5 minutes sit back and get a clear overview of what every online business needs to succeed.

This will be THE ONLY video you’ll ever need to watch to decide who you want to work with to bring your business online, even if it isn't us. Although we really know the obvious choice is Mojo Media!

You’ll be surprised, a fancy logo isn’t one of them ;)

Alright, so now you know what we focus on to bring your business online, you’ll understand THE JOURNEY.

At Mojo Media Agency, we strongly believe in a brand’s journey.

Together we’ll embark on a 90 day journey where we will build your new online business. After the first 90 days we then support you and do your digital marketing FOR YOU for another 90 days. All in all a 6 month journey to start. Of course we hope that you carry on continuing our service.

There is no one part of a brand which is more important than another. Everything works in synergy, in balance, towards the ultimate goal - online success.

Together all of the individual elements which we lovingly craft for you, work towards driving your brand forward and delivering results.



Your journey with us means that we

• create kick-ass branding for your  product or service
• build the brand presence online through your website 
• utilise digital marketing tools to increase visitor numbers to your website through social media
• nurture these visitors, by utilising digital marketing, which will lead them to purchase from you.

we will help you to:

• find your niche – discovering what it is that makes your brand unique and special
• identify who your ideal client really is – like really, really - even down to what books they read and where they love to hang out
• then we go digital. Plan, design and build your website. Strategise your social media in line with everything else that makes your brand appealing to your ideal client, make your clients move through the funnel so you can make sales.

But even before you are ready to launch this kick-ass brand and everything that goes with it, 

That’s when the real nitty gritty work starts.

We add a liberal amount of our ‘special sauce’ and then, woohoo! Launch day!


We will walk with you to build and nurture relationships with your ideal clients – using digital tools of course!

But not only that, because we are planning crazy, every little detail will be planned ahead of time – so you’ll never miss a beat and always know what is being worked on, and when.

Here’s what makes our process unique: While everyone else focuses on font types and logo colors, we recognized long ago that online marketing and automation is NEVER one-size-fits-all. So over the last 24 months, we’ve developed a 90 day system that apply to all different businesses. Some parts focus on making more from what you already have, some parts are designed for acquiring brand-new customers from scratch. 


Our focus is always on

(If you don’t know what that is, we urge you to watch the short video above)

not for you


One thing you need to know is that this service is NOT for everyone. 
For example, if you are a startup or have no product or service to sell or no idea what you want to do with your business then you should know that this is probably NOT a good fit for you. You also need to understand if we do choose to work together, it’s going to require A LOT of work on our side, so this service is appropriately priced. 

If after hearing that, though, you still feel like you’re a fit, then please schedule a call with us at a convenient time for you here.

this is for you


Whether you have an existing business and you want to step things up or have a business idea or product that needs to be created to put in the market then you’re in the right place. 

You are looking to partner with a marketing team that is your go-to resource for anything digital so that you can focus on actually growing your business instead of doing EVERY LITTLE THING in your business.
You have a good budget and don’t need to sell your kidney to be able to work with us. 

This is for entrepreneurs who are not afraid to commit to walking this journey with us, the entrepreneurs on a mission. 

Entrepreneurs who have the balls to invest in their own business.
Entrepreneurs who want to future proof their business by bringing it online.

If you are struggling with no idea what to post, or how to even begin, or you shake your head because you simply don’t have the time to figure this “online stuff” out… then simply take the steps to build your social media content plan with our (proven!) Plan to Posted Content Planner.

YES!! I want this pronto!



Our work

Design and marketing is never a one size fits all. See our work in action and view the journey we walk with our clients to getting their mojo back.

Show me what you got!


Design and marketing is never a one size fits all. 
See our work in action and view the journey we walk with our clients to getting their mojo back.

Show me what you got!

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