We focus on building websites that convert. This means creating a website where on each page there was an action we wanted the user to take. If they did not make an enquiry on an actual package, there was another way to prompt them to either book an appointment, request help to craft a custom adventure, or simply just opt in to join their Jetsetter Club.

Social Posts

We wanted to bring the website experience over into our social strategy for our client too. We created a whole social plan where the client could nurture their relationship with their already big following online. A brag stat here, we increased their engagement rate by 4 718% in the first 28 days!! 

Shop Screens

The clients travel packages were advertised in the Dainfern Shopping Centre on mega big screens which tied in with their social strategy and social advertisements for the month. 

We had an absolute blast working on Checkout Travel's new brand, but more importantly converting their existing brand into a converting one! We did a complete rebrand and implemented a full digital strategy. From a brand spankin' new logo and corporate identity, to shop signage, even new office mugs all the way through to the main kahuna... their website. From there we built awareness on social media and drove traffic through Facebook & Instagram advertising. 

The main part of the project was to custom develop their website so that each aspect could be created and managed by the client. 
We wanted to convey an EXPERIENCE by just being on the website so from a user navigational view they had to be wowed and easily navigate to the relevant information to make a booking or an enquiry. 

Belinda van Rensburg, Knowledge to Motion

Client love notes

My social media flows effortlessly, my website looks amazing and people always comment on my fun branding. Lily has a great sense of knowing who you are as an individual and delivering projects that speaks to you personally. In fact, I am launching a new company and Mojo Media will be my go-to digital marketing partners on that company too!

Ashley Becker, SpiralSoft

Client love notes

"... You are super easy to work with and understood my requirements from the get go. There is nothing worse than explaining yourself to someone and they don’t understand what you’re after. You just get it!
It really puts me at ease knowing that I have someone competent and insightful that I can rely on."

Beverley Wharton-Hood

Client love notes

"You deliver quality design, service and are a pleasure to work with.
The quality of your funnel and funnel design speaks for itself and from the start I had no hesitation in working with you.
​Once you helped me to get my funnel on point from a design and brand perspective I felt more confident to share it with the market."

Prof Douglas Boateng: PanAvest International and Partners

Client love notes

"You have played an essential role in the ongoing building and positive positioning of my brand. Your responsiveness, innovativeness and services are of the highest quality. I appreciate that you are always there to provide thought provoking ideas that have helped me to grow my brand and business..."

Candice Davies

Client love notes

"... You have given me such great insight and advice about making my site better. Plus, your sense of humour is just amazing! I proper laugh out loud sometimes when reading your mails. You have helped me to put measures in place that allow me to designate, which not only means less stress, but also gives me more confidence to charge for my services."


Client love notes

"... you gave us more than we imagined! We are so much more confident now that our brand is professionally done. Your design gives our clients their first impression of us, and they have been delighted. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow you have been willing to help us, no questions asked…
so thank you!"

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