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What Is A Brand: Ecommerce Success Beyond Your Logo
Your brand is one of your business’s most valuable assets and it is critical to the growth of your ecommerce business. Learn more.

What is a brand? — because don’t be fooled, this age-old topic is really important, as YOUR brand is one of your business’s most valuable assets … and it is critical to the growth of your business.

However, you would not believe how often we hear “I have a brand” when starting to work with new clients …. just for us to receive a logo.

And, of course, your logo is NOT your brand. Therefore we thought, let’s tackle this topic head on.

So The Question Remains: What IS A Brand Then?

In a very glamorous pistachio nutshell: your brand is that FEELING your company exudes that will be etched into the memory of your customers when they leave your site.

This feeling is created with the use of very specific colours, fonts, brand voice and the images used (to name but a few) that perfectly resonate with your ideal client.

Meaning … yes … a brand is WAY more than just your ecommerce store’s name, logo, product, or price tag. It is also more than the marketing and advertising around these things. 

In the incredible words of Seth Godin: 

“a brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product/service or store over another.”

Remember: the way a customer feels about a business influences their purchasing behaviour, which directly impacts whether a sale will be made or not. If a customer feels like your store’s overall vibe (i.e. the feeling created through the use of colours, fonts, wording, etc.) does not resonate with them, they will more often than not leave your site before even having browsed through your products.

And that truly should come as no surprise, as some of the world’s most successful companies invest millions of dollars every year in strengthening their brands. Go figure.

Let’s Look At It This Way …

If you are selling high-end handcrafted jewellery, but your brand creates a feeling of inelegance … your ideal client is going to leave your website right then and there … before even giving it a chance.

If your luxury website is flaunting Comic Sans font … trust us … the quality of your products will not be taken seriously.

That is exactly why your brand really needs to perfectly convey the sense of quality your online store and products offer to captivate your ideal customer from the get-go and entice them to browse your online shop.

Simply put: YES, your brand can make or break your online business.

Ask Yourself: How Would Your Brand Act If It Were A Person?

There is absolutely no denying we ALL relate to our favourite brands as if they were old friends, because we keep choosing those brands over other brands, we give them the benefit of the doubt, we patiently wait for an out of stock product to return, and even promote those brands via word of mouth to family, friends, and anyone who listens.

So … ask yourself, who is your dream customer and how can your brand relate to them? Meaning, if your brand were a person, what pledge would your brand make? 

Have a look at the following brands and ask yourself … what is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of:

The Body Shop: cruelty-free.
Woolworths: quality.
Volkswagen: safety.
Hermès: extremely luxurious.

Your brand? ….

Now you can select the best colours, fonts, brand voice and images to represent your brand.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Consistent And Strong Brand?

We cannot stress this enough: it is so important your brand creates a feeling your ideal customer resonates with.

Because not only does that result in customer loyalty and an increase in sales, but having a consistent brand (i.e. following your brand guideline) ensures you create the same feeling across different digital platforms — be it Facebook, Instagram, your ecommerce website, and more.

​Join me for a very informative 7-ish minutes in the video below as I walk you through WHAT a brand is, WHAT it is not, and WHAT you should focus on when marketing your business. 👇

How To Discover Your Perfect Branding Style?

If you have just realised your brand may not be resonating with your ideal client, then before you start thinking about a rebrand: you NEED to identify WHAT your branding style is, as your branding style is the heart of your business translated into visuals.

We have created an easy-to-do questionnaire to help you discover your potential branding style. Your answer will help set the foundation and give some valuable insight into your business when discussing your rebrand with a professional.

What Is Your Business’s Main Goal?

Ⓐ Building trust + credibility
Ⓑ Inspiring creativity + innovation
Ⓒ Creating a sense of community + belonging
Ⓓ Providing a luxurious + high-end experience

Which Colour Palette Resonates Most With Your Business’s Values?

Ⓐ Calm + soothing pastels
Ⓑ Vibrant + energetic primary colours
Ⓒ Earthy + natural tones
Ⓓ Sophisticated + elegant neutrals

How Would You Describe Your Target Audience?

Ⓐ Professional + formal
Ⓑ Young + trendy
Ⓒ Family-oriented + community-driven
Ⓓ High-income + discerning customers

What Tone Of Voice Do You Want Your Brand To Have?

Ⓐ Authoritative + knowledgeable
Ⓑ Playful + humorous
Ⓒ Supportive + friendly
Ⓓ Luxurious + exclusive

Which Logo Style Appeals To You The Most?

Ⓐ Classic + timeless
Ⓑ Modern + minimalist
Ⓒ Whimsical + illustrative
Ⓓ High-end + intricate

What Sets Your Business Apart From Competitors?

Ⓐ Exceptional customer service + reliability
Ⓑ Cutting-edge designs + innovation
Ⓒ Personalised approach + community involvement
Ⓓ Premium products + exclusivity


Mostly Ⓐ: Timeless Elegance — your business exudes class and sophistication, with a focus on building trust. Classic designs and understated luxury are your key elements.

Mostly Ⓑ: Modern and Bold — you’re all about cutting-edge ideas and a youthful vibe. A vibrant and energetic branding style will help you stand out from the digital crowd.

Mostly Ⓒ: Warm and Welcoming — your business is centred around community and personal connections. Go for a whimsical and approachable branding style that resonates with your target audience.

Mostly Ⓓ: Luxury and Prestige — your brand caters to high-end clientele seeking exclusivity. Sophisticated and refined branding will convey the premium experience you offer.


If your branding is inconsistent or associated with poor quality — it can be detrimental to your business.

I’ll leave you with this: Your brand is:

Not your logo and it is NOT just how things look. 

It is a feeling and it ADDS tremendous value to your online store. Your brand DOES AFFECT YOUR SALES

If you want to transform your homepage into an ecommerce powerhouse of conversion, then treat yourself and download our Ultimate Ecommerce Homepage Checklist. It contains the exact method we use to grow our private clients’ online empires.



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