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Welcome To Our Slice Of Digital Life!

We’re a digital marketing agency based in South Africa, and there’s no denying we love all things e-commerce!

We specialise in e-commerce growth through paid social advertising. So if you’re feeling a tad confused or a hell-a-lot frustrated – our blog is here to help.

It offers expert answers as well as tips, tricks and tools to help you make a SUCCESS of your online store. Enjoy!

Lily &Nix

Welcome to our blog! We’re your new e-commerce biz besties and we’re obsessed with helping our clients succeed and make more money online! Follow us on our journey and join our tribe!


Ultimate Ecommerce Homepage Checklist!

The must-have guide for Retail Entrepreneurs to ensure your homepage:

✔️ is easy to navigate
✔️ builds customer trust
✔️ perfectly showcases your products
✔️ is setup for maximum sales
✔️ ignites shoppers to take action!