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Supercharge Your Ecommerce Sales: 5 Proven Strategies For Success
Want more eyeballs on your luxe ecommerce products? Here are 5 ways to increase your online sales! Learn more here.

Am I alone when I say every luxe ecommerce store owner wants to increase their audience reach AND their online sales?

I highly doubt it! 

So let’s have a look at 5 proven marketing strategies you can implement to: 

✔ get more eyeballs on your products

✔ increase your shop’s sales

① Upsell Products

Did you know: by implementing upsell strategies into your luxury ecommerce store, you can potentially add up to 30% more to your sale?!

Just imagine a customer browsing your luxury jewellery collection, captivated by the incredible elegance and craftsmanship on display … and … as soon as they explore the product details of a prestigious piece they have their eye on, THAT is when you have the perfect opportunity to showcase an effective upsell: e.g. custom engraving.

By offering the option to personalise the necklace/ring/jewellery item they want to buy with a custom engraving, you are not only elevating the product’s exclusivity, but you are also creating a sentimental connection for your customer. 

The engraving could of course be their initials, their partner’s initials, a significant date, or even a short message, that allows them to own and wear a one-of-a-kind piece packed with meaning.

To present this upsell effectively, you could create a section on the product page that highlights the custom engraving option. You can use captivating visuals and persuasive copy to emphasise the sentimental value of owning an engraved piece. 

Additionally, you could also include customer testimonials/images showcasing previous personalised necklaces/rings/jewellery items OR even sweeten the deal by offering the custom engraving service at a discounted rate for customers who opt for the upsell to increase your chances of a successful upsell.

② Cross-Sell Products

In the world of luxury ecommerce: the cross-sell section of your luxury ecommerce store (i.e. where you provide customers with an additional product option that perfectly compliments their purchase) is an incredibly powerful tool to enhance your customer experience and maximise your online sales!!!

So let’s dive into these 4 game-changing cross-sell strategies to help increase your average order value:

2.1 Complementary Collections: Complementary collections entice customers to explore additional luxe products they may not have thought about at first. 

Example — if your customer is looking at a gorgeous high-end designer dress, you can showcase a curated selection of matching shoes, jewellery, and other accessories that perfectly complement the designer item. 

This helps create an immersive shopping experience that encourages your customers to indulge in an entire ensemble, because who can resist an elegant look?!

Source: Zalando

2.2 Limited-Edition Collaborations: Limited editions are all the rage, and knowing an item may not be available tomorrow ignites a sense of exclusivity, desirability and drives cross-sales!!!

Example — partnering with renowned brands to create an exclusive collection encourages your customers to explore purchasing additional products they may not have considered purchasing before, purely because it is rare, and it is luxe.

Source: Luxury Launches

2.3 Personalised Recommendations: Take FULL advantage of customer data and advanced analytics to provide your luxury shoppers with personalised product recommendations to elevate their cross-selling experience. 

Example — if a customer has previously purchased a luxury leather handbag, you can cross-sell by suggesting a matching designer scarf to complete the look. 

Personalised recommendations without a doubt enhance customer satisfaction and foster a sense of care. 

2.4 Inspiring Visuals + Storytelling: Create a captivating visual narrative that showcases the cross-selling possibilities of your luxury products by using high-quality imagery and lifestyle shots to perfectly showcase how different items can be combined to create a sophisticated look. 

Example — if you are offering a range of luxury home interiors, you can provide your shopper with a beautifully styled living room image to illustrate exactly HOW each piece can seamlessly complement the overall aesthetic.

Source: Wayfair

Remember: by implementing any of these cross-selling strategies in your luxury ecommerce store, you can exceed your customer’s expectations and witness the transformative impact it can have on both your customer satisfaction and your online sales.

Clear (And Multiple) CTA’s

Let’s not kid ourselves: People may be on your ecom site with the intention to shop, but retail entrepreneur, you actually still need to tell them TO SHOP, ADD TO CART, PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

So please be sure to highlight and use attention-grabbing call-to-action (CTA) buttons in appropriate areas on your site and make them a contrasting colour.

Great call to actions to try include:


Mobile Optimisation

Mobile devices made up 58.99% of web traffic in 2022. In 2023, the number of global smartphone users is estimated at 6.8 billion, with 26.3 million South African users. Mind blown!

So the question is: can you really afford not to invest in mobile optimisation? Ask a friend to test your shop on mobile and be open to any feedback she gives you.

Optimising your online store for mobile is more than “copy and paste” your desktop version onto a smartphone template. You need to make sure it looks good and works great.

TIP: increasing your CTA button size on mobile makes it easier for potential shoppers to see. Ta-da! You’re welcome.

Abandon Cart Emails

Shoppers abandon their carts for multiple reasons. Reasons include: the doorbell rang, the cat had a hairball, or simply because life happened.

Be sure to remind visitors who have added your luxe items to their carts. You can do this with an email saying “your shopping cart is looking gooooood, ready to complete your order?”

The fact is, people DON’T always abandon their carts because they’ve lost interest. Send a reminder and reclaim that lost sale pronto!

Want to know how we recover lost sales? Then have a look at our short, but super sweet, YouTube video below! You stand a chance to gain some seriaaas industry knowledge. Not to mention the exact word-for-word script we use for our private luxe ecom clients’ online stores too!

How To Increase Your Average Order Value

If the above video rocked your world, then you’re in for a real treat with this one!!! Ask yourself: are you ready to squeeze more value out of the customers you’re already attracting? Of course you are!!! So sit back, relax and hit play to learn how to increase your average order value TODAY!!! ▶️


Retail Entrepreneur: Carpe diem and implement at least ONE of these effective ideas this week. Feel free to let us know which one you tried first in the blog comments below. 

Ready to transform your homepage into a revenue-generating machine? Be sure to download our Ultimate Ecommerce Homepage Checklist. It contains the exact method we use to grow our private clients’ online empires, and is a must-have!



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