So you want to have consistent sales from your online shop

… but you don’t know where to start?

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"What's next for me?"


Welcome to our good place.

Where all your ecommerce website troubles melt away.


  • Being the master of your own gorgeous online boutique. Elegant, sophisticated, exquisite in every sense… but it’s not just a facade… it is
  • An online boutique that has an almost magical power to reel in sales.
  • A virtual shopping experience so irresistible, your customers won’t be able to resist treating themselves to your fabulous products.
  • Introducing your new luxurious products or collections in a matter of a few clicks… YOURSELF!
  • No more juggling invoices or chasing payments – your online shop handles it all.
  • Knowing exactly how to brand your business so that it connects with YOUR vision AND captivates your shoppers’ hearts.
  • Having the support to lean on if you get stuck along the way.

You’re probably thinking…

“Yeah right, Lily… “Easy? 

Where’s the catch?

“I’ve been trying to launch my website for years and you want to come and tell me this can be easy?”

Yes! I do!

Here me out.

How much more information do you need to gather to make a move in launching your ecommerce website?

You have had all the information at your fingertips… 

Google, Youtube… it’s all been right there. 

More information isn’t going to help you to make the decision to move forward with launching your ecommerce website. 

Else you would have done it already.

But action will. 

Action creates clarity.

“Yeah but Lily… it’s really hard!

I don’t know which platform to use.

Is Wix better? 

Is it Shopify… I’ve heard Shopify is really good. 

What about Ecwid… or WordPress… I really don’t know. 

I don’t have money or time to waste on making costly mistakes.

Then of course… there’s the tech stuff.

I’m good at doing what I do… making stuff. 

Making beautiful things.

BUT I’m not good at tech. 

Especially website tech, isn’t that for coding nerds? 

To be honest I really don’t see myself doing it and wasting time with figuring it out… because let’s face it… launching a website CAN NOT be easy Lily.”


First things first.

I want you to STOP. 

Take a deep breath in … and on the exhale… think the word RELEASE.

Go on. DO IT…


So let’s start with the “it’s hard” story you’ve been repeating in your mind that has stopped you from moving forward.

You’ve done many hard things. 

Perhaps you’ve birthed a child… or a business, most likely BOTH!! 
You did it before, you have evidence that you CAN DO hard things!

But here’s the thing… 
It doesn’t have to be.

Think of this as your epidural for birthing a new baby… a gorgeous ecommerce baby! 

This isn’t an unattainable fantasy.

This can be you. 

Hand-on-heart, really.

I don’t care if you aren’t sure which platform to use, which branding colours to use, don’t feel you have your products or collections nailed down, or feel utterly mystified by making consistent sales with your ecommerce website.

No matter where you’re starting from, believe me: you can be THAT luxury ecommerce brand. 
And it doesn’t need to take years and years of work.

Who are we to know that?

We are Lily & Nix

Together we have a few flexes: We’ve built 6 figure MONTHLY revenue ecommerce businesses for the last 8 years for clients, Lily taught web designers how to code and build websites from scratch since 2002… Facebook wasn’t even a thing then.  

And with Nix’s design and branding expertise we’ve combined our skills and experience to create ecommerce websites that actually have a heart and soul, not the generic template and humanless online business most other brands have. 

Together we’ve built ecommerce websites that combine the heart and soul of a business with the tech and strategy to make A LOT of sales. 

You can learn to do this too. We’re going to show you exactly how.

Our own process of becoming great website creators took us 22 years of trial and error.

We have distilled everything we’ve learned in that time, and made it as simple and actionable as possible, so that it can take you 2 months instead of 22 years.

Not everyone moves at the same pace, and that is a good thing. Plus, faster is not necessarily better. 

But you don’t have two decades to waste learning how to brand, code and build your own website, right?

You truly can save yourself years of avoidable mistakes, having to comb through all the info online about which platform is best, fastest, easiest… which payment methods, the structures, the pages, the copy… you name it! 

And that’s exactly what our ecommerce website course is designed for… 


Start to see online sales in just 8 weeks.

Want to know more?
Here’s the plan…

Designed To Sell is a 8 week adventure, starting 10 July, where you get Nix and I to be your ecommerce website fairy godmothers! 

You’ll learn everything we know about creating soulful and high converting ecommerce shops that work, get plenty of practice sharpening your tools, and have access to us as your guides along the way.

Here’s what you’ll get and learn:

8 Whole weeks of implementing the shit out of all of these. With me and Nix as your mentors + cheerleaders. YES. 

Ready to launch an outstanding luxe ecommerce website?


Dates: 10 July – 28 August … so you can launch in September with a bang!

Price: $600

For South Africans: R11 050


You will also need to register and purchase Advanced Elementor seperately which is $99 p/y. This is the bones of your new shop. We will guide you exactly step by step how to do this so it is easy peasy.

For the first 10 people to sign up, you will receive 3 x 20 min 1:1 calls with us.

Format: Exclusive written and video recordings delivered in one daily email to keep it simple. Week days only of course 😉

Hold on. There are bonuses!

Pretty damn fantastic ones, too. Each one could be a “course” on its own!

Bonus 1: The Best Digital Tool To Run Your Online Shop

This masterclass teaches you the powerful (free) tool we use to collate all your online assets, store and build your digital marketing department. It’s so simple and easy… once you start you can never go back! Literally our ENTIRE business runs on this tool. 

Bonus 2: The Second Chance Sequence

We will show you how to set up an email sequence that guides your shoppers through a nurturing sequence to complete the checkout process if they haven’t completed it. This is an automated series, so once it is set up, it literally runs on autopilot… bringing in more sales without spending any money on ads or other marketing activities. 

Bonus 3: Review Email sequence

People look at what other people do and what better way to highlight happy customers from your fine boutique. This is an email automation that automatically reminds your happy customers to leave a review so that your potential customers can become paying customers. Reviews build trust, and trust increases shoppers’ confidence to buy from your fine boutique.

Frequently asked questions:

The most “tech intensive” task is installing our Majestic theme for you on your domain, that is why WE install it for you so you can skip this step completely. For the rest we’ll teach you how to update your website, load new products, create new collections, and for that you literally need to watch the training video, click pause and do what we show you to do. It can not get any easier than that.

I totally get that. We are all busy. Can you imagine how much time you’re going to save by not selling through your DM’s or on Whatsapp anymore? No more manually creating invoices or waiting for proof of payments. So by investing the time now to launch your ecommerce website you will be buying back your time FOREVER! Think of the compound effect of that!!

Absolutely understand that life gets crazy sometimes and unforeseen things happen. The nice thing with a daily task email is that you can block off some time on another (more convenient) day or weekend and smash it out in one day. Truly the time it takes to get up and running is up to you.

If you are one of the first 10 people to sign up for Designed To Sell, then Yes! You will get access to 3 x 20 minute 1:1 calls with Nix or myself to ask your questions or to help you move forward if you feel stuck. 

There will also be a weekly group live Q&A online call where you can come and speak to both of us and get your questions answered. The link for the call will be emailed to you once a week.

If you can’t make it live you will get access to the replay.

We wanted to eliminate time, cost and tech as an objection for smart savvy online business owners to get their ecommerce website up and running as soon as possible… and this is what we’ve put together to help you do just that. One of our core business values is Integrity, this is what we believe builds lasting relationships, which is the cornerstone of any successful business. That is why if you are not up and running AND you’ve done all the work we are happy to refund you 100% of your investment. There is no catch, but you need to implement and do your part.

Absolutely no problem, send me an email directly to and I will answer all your burning questions for you.


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