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5 Elements Of A High-Converting Online Review To Elevate Your Online Store
Elevate your online store using these 5 elements in order to create a high-converting online review to help increase your online sales.

There is no denying: each and every 👏 online review 👏 matters 👏. Reviews help increase customer credibility and online sales.

About 91% of shoppers between 18 – 34 years old trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And about 92% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase!

That is quite the statistic!!! I think we can all agree, having them showcased on your ecommerce website is absolutely crucial.

Need I even mention online reviews also help:

① create trust and build credibility which increases shoppers confidence to shop on your store.

② provide an easy way to showcase your products’ benefits and features.

③ show how your peers are experiencing your product (no hard sell needed).

④ build future relationships, because if your customers do not buy from you now, the seed has most certainly been planted for a future sale.

But … there is an art to posting the RIGHT type of review to squeeze out all the benefits social proof has to offer, because a dodgy-looking review will NOT get you the desired results you want.

So let’s get right to it — here are 5 elements of a high-converting online review you NEED to know and IMPLEMENT to increase your online sales and elevate your online store!!!

① Show A Real Photo Of The Reviewer In Your Online Review

Hear us when we say NO motorbike or Google kitten pictures will do, no matter HOW MUCH you adore that BMW bike or teensy-weensy ball of fluff, because anonymity does not scream trustability.

ALWAYS post a REAL photo of the REAL reviewer to show that the review was indeed given by a REAL person who had a REAL experience. A lot of capitals, because we mean it.

NOTE: if you have an image of the real person holding the real product, that is the crème de la crème of holy grail reviews.

② Use A Legitimate REAL First And Last Name

As humans we associate with those around us, and unless you’re Madonna or a world famous celeb, everyone has a first and last name.

Therefore, to create a real human connection, please be sure to showcase your review with a real first and last name to establish credibility.

③ Highlight The Most Valuable Statements In Your Online Review

Make sure to highlight the most valuable and benefit-driven statements your reviewers leave, because let’s get real, society does NOT have the time to read essays upon essays of positive/negative reviews.

Simply jotting down the key points here is golden.

④ Put Emphasis On Those Keywords

And speaking of keywords, by emphasising the MOST IMPORTANT words help highlight those positives reactions:

E.g. BEST product I have ever used.
E.g. SOFTEST coat in the world.

This is also an opportunity to display reviews given about your store:

E.g. The customer service was AMAZING!
E.g. Checkout was an absolute BREEZE.

⑤ Showcase Those Stars!

Look, without a doubt, we have ALL been trained to initially skim over the text and simply look at the stars provided when browsing for a specific product in order to see which one is the best.

It is in our DNA, it is who we are. Therefore it is of the utmost importance you display those star-ratings with pride, because they do matter!!!

Once a person is lured in by your incredible product and those 5-star reviews, they will have a more in-depth look at the review and the product description that follows.

Of course, it goes without saying, people are lured in by negative reviews as well … BUT breathe … as an uncalled negative review does NOT have to be feared. I promise!

A negative review, as daunting as it can be, can also provide you with the golden opportunity to show your customer (and other customers reading the review) you really care about them, their opinion, and the experience they had at your store.

So here’s what to do when a negative review hits your online shop:  

➜ Respond as soon as possible. Please do not postpone leaving a response, as that will only aggravate the situation.

➜ ALWAYS be polite and professional. Remember: your reviewer is a real person who spent their hard-earned cash at your store. Therefore they deserve to be heard, and by showing them (and the world, as YOUR response will be available for the public to see) that you truly appreciate them shopping online with you … matters!!!

➜ Invite your upset customer to email/call you to talk about their experience in person and potentially rectify the situation. This adds a personal touch and allows you to listen to their feedback and inform them about steps you will take to fix the problem. 

➜ Don’t forget to sign off a written response that includes your name or initials, as it shows your customer your online store is NOT a faceless-company, but indeed one with real people operating behind the scenes who care and want to help.


Luxury lifestyle brand owner: here is what your high-converting review should look like:

👉 Looking for a more detailed look at exactly WHY online reviews REALLY matter, then head on over here.

Never forget: your online review can either persuade OR deter a client from shopping at your store, and are MOST CERTAINLY worth your time.

Want me to review your ecommerce store to identify potential ecommerce pitfalls? Simply leave a comment with your website address, and your site could be selected to be reviewed next!

For the video version of this blog, simply head on over here 👇

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